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Scoot 'n' Pull, Scoot Mills and Award Winning Baskets - The Must Have Accessories for Your Scooter, Up to 50% off

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Suitable for 0-100 years

Best Bits

 Fun and practical must-have accessories for your child's scooter, the perfect way to spruce things up for Half Term and Summer fun. Just attach your Scoot 'n' Pull to the scooter, put the loop around your wrist, and then pull your child along. It couldn’t be easier. All they have to do is steer. 

Or enjoy the whirling windmill Scoot Mill and the award-winning Scoot n Pull Basket for fun and colourful scooter customisation. Easy to assemble and attach you'll wonder how the kids scooted without them! 

Scoot 'n' Pull

  • The perfect way to get your tired toddler home.
  • Great for getting your child home, and keeps them close to you in busy places
  • Light and portable, and takes only seconds to tie to your scooter
  • Made from colourful fabric, both strong and flexible, and can be washed.
  • Also a great way of carrying your scooter, providing a very useful over-the-shoulder carry strap to free up both hands
  • Available in Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow or Green for just £4, 43% off

Scoot Mill

  • A fun, brightly coloured windmill designed to fit all scooters.
  •  Easy to assemble and attach.
  • Just clip on your Scoot Mill, and as soon as your child’s scooter begins to move, the windmill will turn!
  • Available for just £3, 50% off

Scoot 'n' Pull Basket

  • Great way to transport teddies, toys and other important things around town!
  • Designed to fit all brands of scooter, both Mini and Maxi
  • Its velcro straps are easy to attach and take off, leaving plenty of room for little hands.
  • Has a sturdy metal frame, and is made from hand-woven, waterproof material, so it can be left on your scooter.
  • Winner of the Gold Award from Bizzie Baby
  • Available in Pink, Blue, Green or Yellow for just £6, 50% off
Price Info
  • £3 for Scoot Mill, 50% off
  • £4 for Scoot 'n' Pull: Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow or Green, 43% off
  • £6 for Scoot 'n' Pull Basket: Pink, Blue, Green or Yellow, 50% off
  • Free Delivery! 
Need to Know
  • Scoot 'n' Pull is available in Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow or Green
  • Scoot 'n' Pull Basket is available in Pink, Blue, Green or Yellow
  • Estimated delivery time: 3 days via Royal Mail.
  • Sold by Scoot 'n' Pull.
How to Redeem
  • You do not need to redeem, your item will be sent directly to you.
  • Estimated delivery time: 3 days via Royal Mail.
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