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RoosterMoney – Pocket Money Sorted with a Kids’ Debit Card & Chore Tracking App + £5 pocket money bonus

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Suitable for 6-16 years

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There is never a better time to teach your children that money doesn't grow on trees. Introducing RoosterMoney, the pocket money app, chore tracker and debit card designed to teach your kids the value of money in a digital age.
Simple and effective, RoosterMoney brings to life all the sound traditional financial principles we were brought up with (or wish we were!) and makes managing money relevant and smart through the convenience of an app.

You can either use the RooserMoney app as a virtual pocket money tracker for free, or you can upgrade and let your children spend their pocket money in the real world with The Rooster Card.

The Rooster Card is the next step towards independent money management for your kids. A prepaid Visa debit card designed 100% with children in mind. So parents can hand over independence, whilst maintaining peace of mind with unique parental controls over where and what they spend. And with no overdraft, there’s no overspending, just building good habits.

Already one of the best value pocket money cards on the market, the Rooster Card usually costs £24.99, but using your referral code LITTLEBIRD5 you’ll also get £5 bonus pocket money after your one month free trial has ended and you subscribe. (Terms Apply).

  • Parent Account with sort code & account number - so you can set aside your kids’ pocket money, and family & friends can pay into the account any gifts they receive
  • Prepaid Visa debit card - so your kids can make considered spending choices in the real world
  • Chore tracker - teach your kids to earn money
  • No overdraft - so no risk of overspending
  • You decide where it can be used – in shops, online or at ATMs
  • Instant spending notifications - for you and your children
  • One-time CVV - making it a more secure card for online transactions
  • Freeze & unfreeze card instantly – for those ‘where’s my card?’ moments.

To claim your pocket money bonus, use the LITTLEBIRD5 when you sign up.


“Has been invaluable in making my children appreciate the value of their money.” - Angie, Mum of two
"Genius and perfect for today's families." - Nick, Dad of two
"Parental sanity saver." - Debbie, Mum of three

Price Info
Need to Know
  • The Rooster Card is designed for parents of kids aged 6-16 years old.
  • It’s available on the AppStore (iOS), Google Play (Android) & Amazon Kindle: Smartphones & Tablets
  • If you need help getting started, check out the Help section on the website:
How to Redeem
  • Enter your referral code LITTLEBIRD5 when you sign up.
    Download the app and take out your card trial.
  • Once your trial is ended and you have paid for your subscription (£24.99) you’ll get £5 bonus pocket money added to your account within 10 days
  • Please see Terms and conditions.