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Night Zookeeper Reading & Writing Programme Free Trial

Essential for Keeping Kids Learning at Home!

Offer ends 29th April 2020

Suitable for 6-12 years

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"...and the winner is ...your child' Thanks to Night Zookeeper you can enable your child to be more confident in writing and in life. Writing costs nothing but pen, paper and imagination - creates freedom to express, elevates creativity that can be engaged with anywhere.

Being able to communicate is a vital life skill - expressing their feelings in words helps all children feel happier more fulfilled and less frustrated. Its not all about competing, getting a gold star but the many challenges out there in writing give a child goals and something to aim for, another community to be a part of.

BAFTA-nominated website Night Zookeeper helps your child become a better reader and writer, by making learning fun, engaging and magical. Empower your children for a brighter future with engaging games that increase vocabulary and improve spelling, puzzles and challenges that develop grammar and structure skills and inspiring prompts and story creation lessons that spark imaginations.

  • Claim your FREE Trial and help your kids grow a rich vocabulary, develop grammar skills, write creative stories, and become inspired by their own creations. 
  • Kids receive regular personalised writing assignments from their team of tutors to help them develop their skills.
  • Kids will then get real feedback on all the work they produce, guiding them along their writing journey.
  • The website contains over 1,000 exciting literacy challenges and games that help kids develop their spelling and grammar skills, boost their vocabulary, and strengthen their writing skills.
  • They’ll join a global community of young writers and creators, sharing and commenting on each other’s work in a completely safe, moderated environment.
  • Aligns perfectly with the National Curriculum


"Night Zookeeper is a wonderful resource. In fact, it's the best my children have ever used and the most motivating by far. They want to work on it all day!" Amelia, Parent of 7 & 9 year old

"We absolutely love Night Zookeeper! The story is engaging, the site is packed full of fun and learning, and the ability to let your child’s imagination run wild is priceless.” Jade, parent of an 8 year old 

“I am loving seeing Nathan use his creative skills with this platform. He has always had a  passion and talent for drawing and creating his own little stories so this is perfect for  him.” Louise, mum of 10 year old 

“​Her face lit up as she saw that she had hit 2 goals without even realising. This was the moment I realised what a great programme this is.” Amy, parent of 6 & 12 year old 

Price Info
  • FREE 1-week trial (7 days) 

Subscription types available: 

  • Monthly subscription for £9.99 per month 
  • 3 Months subscription for £9 per month (Taken as a single payment of £26.99 per 3 months) 
  • Annual subscription for £3.56 per month (Taken as a single payment of £42.72 annually), 52% off 
Need to Know
  • Offer ends 29th April 2020
  • Register on for your free trial and discount.
  • New customers only.
  • Night Zookeeper can be used on a computer or tablet.
  • Suitable for kids aged 6 -12.
  • One trial required per child.
  • Not valid for commercial or school redemption.
  • For further information please contact
  • Night Zookeeper has a series of books with Oxford University Press and is an animated TV series on Sky.