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My Nametags - Free Postage!

Get prepared for Back to School!

Suitable for 0-16 years

Best Bits
  • The 10-year washing guarantee is unmatched in the name tags market.
  • Independently tested to have the best labels in Europe.
  • The colour sticker name labels stay on clothing better than any other labels we know of.
  • We do not use any animal products in our labels
  • My Nametags offers a wide range of customisable design options, allowing customers to create unique and personalised name tags for children and adults
  • Beyond labelling clothes, My Nametags are perfect for labelling school supplies, lunchboxes, sports equipment, and even medical devices.
  • Easy Application: The name tags are easy to apply, with iron-on and sticker options available, making them convenient for busy parents and individuals.
  • Kids love My Nametags for their fun characters and themes, including popular motifs like dinosaurs, unicorns, and space, making labelling a fun activity
  • The name tags are made to last, being resistant to washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves, ensuring they stay intact and vibrant for a long time.

LittleBird Top Tip

Put your phone number on your child's name tag, so any lost property finds its way back to you! 

Dates and Prices

Prices vary depending on design and quantity ordered.

*Personalised name labels for kids x 56 name tags from £15.95 (Free postage)

*Prices from £9.95 for 120 x B&W Iron on stickers

How to Redeem Click Buy Now to be taken though to May Name Tags to choose your design and order your Name Tags.