Mindfulness Diploma Course, Learn to Manage Stress and Relieve Anxiety for yourself and others, up to 95% off

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This powerful Mindfulness Diploma course will teach you everything that you need to know about Mindfulness and how to start using the techniques and principles in your daily life.

Whether you are looking to use the Mindfulness techniques to help yourself or others, upon completion of this course you can work as a Mindfulness Practitioner either on a 1-2-1 basis or with groups of people, either in a therapy practice or in the workplace.

  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety in yourself and others
  • Significantly alter your outlook and mood by learning this empowering tool
  • Learn to keep a positive outlook and to adopt a more productive approach to life
  • The course is particularly useful to those with conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety, as it provides practical techniques to over negative thoughts and feelings
  • Learn 11 Modules from Ego – The Habit of Thinking, Meditation, Mindfulness as a Therapy and more. See more about the Syllabus here.
  • Gain access to this state of the art online learning platform, accessible from anywhere, learning available 24/7.
  • Upon successful competition of the mindfulness Diploma Course, you can work as a Mindfulness Practioner either on a 1-2-1 basis or with groups of people
  • Learn at your own pace - there is no time limit for completing the course. 

Price Info
  • £17 for Mindfuless Online Diploma course, 95% off
Need to Know
  • You can see the course curriculum here.
  • No prior knowledge required.
  • 11 Modules, 9 Videos
  • 150 hours of study, you can see the course curriculum here.
  • Tutor Support
  • No prior knowledge required.
  • Full e-course materials provided, including: an e-manual, e-books, exercise/goal setting sheets and weekly planners
  • The course also includes friendly email support
  • To enhance learning, home study students are invited to attend monthly best practice groups available (at no additional charge) in Manchester
  • The monthly support groups demonstrating techniques and skills taught on the course are filmed and emailed to students each month
  • Assessment by written assignment at the end of the course consisting of a question paper and written answers
How to Redeem
  • You will be sent a unique code in your E-receipt.
  • Enter your unique code on the link provided.
  • You will then be sent the course materials within 24 hours.
  • For customer queries please email: enquiries@coecourses.com
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