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How It Works is the action-packed science and technology magazine bursting with exciting information about our universe. Discover the World and inspire your kids with everything from the planet’s most bizarre creatures and unusual phenomena to the incredible technologies advancing and enhancing our modern lives.

  • Features an endless number of exciting topics and informative explanations.
  • Science for everyone.
  • Science, history, technology, transport, space and the environment all in one subscription!
  • Guaranteed to entertain and enthral readers of all ages.
  • Makes even the most complex subjects interesting and easy to understand.
  • Packed with expert articles with mind-blowing photography and illustrations. 


"Just started reading @HowitWorksmag about #tech #science & #space. Where have you been my whole life? :) #GeekAndProud" @DeputyDCooper via Twitter

"I've been a subscriber to this magazine for a couple of years now and I have never been bored once. The variety every month is just endless and I love that." Daniel Scott (aged 15) via email

"@HowItWorksmag Best magazine ever!" @LeaSavoy via Twitter

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  • £32 for 1 Year How It Works Magazine Subscription, 51% off.
  • Free delivery! 
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  • You will need to redeem a code online to set up your subscription
  • 1 year subscription = 13 issues
  • 13 issues published per calendar year (every 4 weeks).
  • This is a one-off purchase. You will not be signed up to a renewing subscription. Once the 13 issues have been fulfilled your subscription will end unless you decide to renew it directly with How it Works. All later redemptions will receive the next month's issue as stated at the point of redemption. 
  • If you redeem by the 26th March to receive the next issue on sale 18th April.  
How to Redeem
  • You will need to redeem a code online to set up your subscription
  • Redeem by 1st August 2019
  • Full instructions will be on your e-Receipt
  • You will receive your e-Receipt via email once you have purchased
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