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Happy Confident Me Super Journal, 50% off

Promote increased happiness, self-confidence, optimism and gratitude

Suitable for 7-12 years

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The Happy Confident Me Super Journal offers 10 weeks of THEMED daily journaling for kids aged 7-12 to promote increased happiness, self-confidence, optimism, pride, resilience and gratitude.

Developed by Psychotherapist Annabel Rosenhead and Parenting Expert and best-selling Author Nadim Saad, this beautifully illustrated, full colour journal enables children to:

  1.  Better understand and appreciate themselves
  2. Focus on the positive things that happen each day
  3. Find it easier to discuss their feelings and identify their emotions
  4. Let go of their worries and any uncomfortable feelings
  5. Become more resilient, happier and more confident

Based on the latest research on happiness, emotional development and neuroscience, it takes children on a ten-week journey, instilling 10 key essential life skills that will develop positive daily habits and build their confidence and happiness. 


  • Being grateful for what they have and their daily experiences 
  • Self-Awareness and self-acceptance, to better understand and like themselves
  • Understanding their feelings and how to better manage them
  • Positive Thinking to ensure they are more optimistic and happier overall
  • Developing a growth mindset to take on challenges
  • Learning that it’s important to make mistakes to learn from them
  • Resilience, and how to bounce back from life’s challenges
  • Boosting their confidence through a more positive attitude
  • Being mindful, to appreciate their life to the fullest
  • Having kindness and empathy to fill up their own ‘bucket’ by filling up other people’s ‘buckets’

The Happy Confident Me Super Journal explains these 10 key skills to children in a fun and engaging way. Children then have 5 minutes of daily journaling each day which consist of a daily quote and daily questions which are different each day. They can then complete their weekly activity as well as a family activity. These are all focussed around the theme of the week, and they are written in a way that your child begins to put the lesson into practice and can see the positive effects immediately.

There is no other journal on the market that takes this approach, and it also includes free pages each week to give them space to further write doodle or draw and Worry Box pages at the back of the journal that they can use to write out and work around worries (and then tear out once they have resolved them).

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  • Recommended for ages 7 - 12
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