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FAMILY PASS MEMBERS ONLY: Timeout Bags, Travel Activity Bags for Kids – 10% Off

Each travel goody bag is crammed full of activities, books, toys, games, snacks and much more!

Suitable for 3-10 years

Best Bits

No bag is the same! These bespoke activity packs are chock-full of entertaining, interesting and high-quality items designed to get kids active, creative and learning independently. Supporting the national curriculum through immersive engagement and offering ‘STEAM’ qualities to enhance your little discoverer’s education, you can also rest easy knowing each bag is made from 100% eco-friendly cotton and comes with:

  • 3 healthy hand-picked snacks (deliciously different!)
  • 10 activities, books, toys, crafts and games
  • A reusable water bottle with handy carabiner clip
Carefully-curated to encourage the active minds of your little ones, these unisex bags are very parent’s dream come true! The perfect way to feed the spark of creativity, activity and wonder in your child, reducing screen time and is great for both travelling and play at whatever their destination is.

  • Each bag is handpicked and made to order, perfectly-suited for your child’s development group
  • A portion of every bag sold goes to UK Charity Changing Faces
  • Naturally soft and hypoallergenic, recyclable cotton bags, great for nature and the skin!
  • Minimising screen time to improve behaviour and sleep patterns, which is key for healthy development
  • Supporting the national curriculum and children with special needs
  • Introducing kids to exciting new flavours and snacks to develop children’s palates for nutritious food – no easy task!
  • Cabin-friendly product and car seat compatible
  • Supporting and promoting other local small businesses

LittleBird Top Tip

A portion of every bag sold goes to UK based charity Changing Faces.

Price Info


  • Each bag consists of 15 items for only £22  (£19.80 for LittleBird Family Pass members)
Need to Know
  • Discount is not valid on gift vouchers, wedding packs, mama’s survival kits and Christmas boxes. 
  • Postal charges are additional.
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