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Exhilarating outdoor activities in the heart of Sheffield and Manchester

Suitable for 7+ years

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Fancy yourself as an undiscovered Robin Hood? Ever wanted to have a go at axe-throwing, or firing a crossbow? Come one come all – there’s no experience required! At Adventure Now, everyone who’s willing will get the chance to put their accuracy, concentration, and dexterity to the ultimate test… Will you hit the bullseye? 

    With two gorgeous locations, set in either the beautiful Botany Bay Woods in Manchester or the picturesque Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield, this is a great way to get outside and try something new. Amateur or expert, there’s fun for all to be had!

    • Enjoy sessions tailored to your group – practice, play, or make it competitive!
    • As much instruction as you want or feel you need throughout the session
    • Choose a bow to suit your strength and size
    • With kids from ages 7 up able to have a go at archery and 12+ to try out the crossbow or axe-throwing, there’s no reason for everyone not to get in on the fun
    • Even if you don’t fancy having a go yourself, spectators are always welcome, so come and watch your loved ones show off their skills!
    • Ample parking available at both sites
    • Check out the range of other thrilling outdoor activities available, from quad-biking to bushcraft!
    Price Info


    • Normally open from 9AM till 5PM, 7 days per week. 
    • During holidays Adventure Now may also open for extended hours.
    • Please make a booking before arrival, so you won't be disappointed.
    • Walk-in visitors are welcome, but it can't be guaranteed that there will be a session available.
    • To get in touch or book, please email theteam@adventurenow.co.uk or call on 07497 126892


    • Some activities for Manchester can be booked online here


    • Bookings for Sheffield must be made via email or phone.


    Archery, Crossbow, Axe Throwing: 

    • £15 for Kids, 25% off
    • £22.50 for Adults, 25% off
    Need to Know
    • Offer valid on Archery, Axe Throwing and crossbow
    • Not applicable on Bush Craft or Quad biking 
    • Archery – Min Age 7, min 2 people
    • Axe Throwing and Crossbow – Min Age 12 years, Min 2 people
    • See here for FAQs and Terms and Conditions
    • Adventure Now will do their best to accommodate rescheduling however cancellation charges may apply. If you reschedule a small booking several weeks in advance there will generally be no charge. If you reschedule within 48 hours you will generally be charged. Please give as much notice as possible. To reschedule a booking, you must email theteam@adventurenow.co.uk
    How to Redeem Please go to Adventure Now and enter your code when booking online, or quote it via email or over the phone theteam@adventurenow.co.uk or call on 07497 126892
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    Address and Contact Info

    Adventure Now Manchester
    Grange Road
    M30 8JQ

    Nearest Park: Cleavley Allotments

    Address and Contact Info

    Adventure Now Sheffield
    Kenwood Hall Hotel,
    Kenwood Road
    S7 1NQ

    Nearest Park: Sheffield Knotweed Control