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Beanstalk - The Family App that Invests in your Kids

Makes saving and investing for your family easy

Best Bits

Introducing  Beanstalk,  the app-based JISA, designed to suit your lifestyle and make saving for your family easy, whatever its shape or budget. With a range of awesome tools at your fingertips it is bringing children’s savings into the 21st century.

  • Beanstalk makes saving and investing easy whatever your family’s shape or budget.
  • No minimum or regular contribution required, you or anyone you invite can contribute whenever you want whether it is £10 or £1000.
  •  It’s simple – you can add all your children and yourself on to one app. 
  • All the family can help – Beanstalk lets grandparents, friends and the wider family to all contribute easily to your kids’ pots.
  • You don’t need to put any money into open an account and start saving – Use KidStart to earn free savings, round up your purchases, top up or set up regular contributions if you would like.
  • Please note as with any investments your capital may be at risk.


‘Really clean interface and really powerful functionality to help make a habit out of putting money away for your kids. Really like the “round up” functionality as well as the top up and regular contribution features. A really intuitive way for the whole family to save.’ - Mason_g

‘Love this app it’s so easy to use (even for me!) I set both my kids up in minutes and my husband, in-laws and my mum are all linked to the kids accounts so they can contribute whenever they like. I like I can use Kidstart with this too.’ - Nev.76

‘Finally, investing made simple. Such a great idea for modern and busy families. Can’t wait to watch our savings grow. Thanks team Beanstalk x’ - j.grace91

LittleBird Top Tip

Beanstalk have recently published their own JISA Guide to help educate parents on the confusing world of child savings. You will learn how JISAs work, about different types of JISAs and how you and your family can contribute.  Download your JISA guide here

Dates and Prices
  • You can join Beanstalk for free. Download from Apple Store or Google Play. See here. 
  • Please note as with any investments your capital may be at risk.
Need to Know

Please note with any investments your capital may be at risk. 
See Beanstalk Terms and Conditions here

How to Redeem
  • Please follow Buy now to download the App. 
  • Sign up is free.