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WIN!! One of 3 six month subscriptions to Tassomai, the award winning online interactive learning programme!

Closing Date: 11 November

How to enter

To enter simply complete your details!

What you need to know!

Does your child prefer technology to textbooks? Looking for a way to boost their learning and knowledge ahead of important exams?

LittleBird are proud to be working with our partner Tassomai, creators of the award-winning intelligent learning programme that helps students achieve outstanding academic results, to offer 3 lucky winners a passport to their future - a six-month subscription package each, worth £270!

 Each winner will choose from a free 6 month-subscription to a Tassomai GCSE Science course (covering chemistry, physics and biology) or 3 Common Entrance subjects or an equivalent course for younger learners (aged 7+).

 With their online and easy-to use programme and courses, Tassomai engages the children using multiple choice style quizzes to build knowledge, raise confidence and lessen the stress of exams. Using quizzable micro-facts and Tassomai's unique algorithm to target and address  any weaknesses, quizzes are tailored for each user so that they can achieve what is best for them.

With a "little and often" approach and targeted repetition, users need only a few minutes a day to keep up! Parents get a weekly report update too and this clever online learning and revision programme has helped thousands of students get better GCSE grades. Here are just a few reviews of Tassomai from happy customers:

 "A great interactive and nearly effortless way of preparing for exams."

"My son aced his science GCSE and it was entirely down to the Tassomai subscription I purchased."

"My son used Tassomai and his grades in French and Science were amazing. I would highly recommend the programme to any year 11 student. He was happy to get on with the app on a daily basis without prompting so it must have been a fun way to learn for him."

"I can highly recommend this service, as it gives you an excellent idea of your competences in the different subjects. It is fun and easy to use."

"My Lucy got an A grade for her additional science GCSE She is delighted and says that daily Tassomai  definitely helped her because it firmed up her rapid recall of information as well as teaching her new concepts which she hadn't been taught in school. Thanks very much for an excellent learning programme."

"Tassomai is absolutely amazing! This programme helped my confidence a lot and boosted my grades from Us and Es to all B's by the end of year 11." 

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 Good Luck!



Terms & Conditions

  • 3 lucky winners will each win a six month subscription to Tassomai worth £270
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for the equivalent monetary value
  •  The prize can be gifted to a friend, but must be used within one year of notification of win
  • A winner will be chosen at random by LittleBird
  • The winner will be announced after the 11th November 2018
  • No family, friends or employees of LittleBird or Tassomai may enter the competition
  • No user may enter more than once
  • The decision of LittleBird will be final
  • The competition is open to UK residents over the age of 18