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Visit your local Sea Life Centre from only £19!

Discover the amazing underwater world!

Suitable for 0-99 years

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So prepare to get up close to glittering scales, humongous tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. Explore different habitats, from the sweltering tropics to tidal rock pools. And discover all about our weird and wonderful creatures with fun and interactive learning experiences

Here's what you can expect from a fantastic visit to one of the UK's Sea Life Centres:

Explore Underwater Tunnels: Walk through glass tunnels surrounded by sharks, rays, and other marine creatures.

Interactive Touch Pools: Get hands-on with starfish, crabs, and other sea creatures.

Themed Exhibits: Discover various themed areas showcasing different marine habitats and species, from tropical reefs to the deep sea.

Feeding Demonstrations: Watch and learn during feeding times for penguins, otters, and other animals.

Educational Talks: Attend informative talks and presentations by marine biologists and educators.

Rescue and Conservation Programs: Learn about the centre's efforts in marine conservation and animal rescue.

Sea Life Play Zones: Enjoy kid-friendly play areas and activities designed to educate and entertain young visitors.

Special Exhibits: View seasonal and special exhibits featuring unique marine life or themes.

Dates and Prices From £19pp Standard Day ticket
Need to Know

Book online and in advance for best rates

Special Toddler (under 5) and Adult rates - from only £19!

Ticket prices vary from venue to venue. Check Booking links for further details.

How to Redeem

Choose your local Sea Life Centre from the list, and click through to purchase your preferred ticket type and date of visit.