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Sweet Magazine - Fun Loving Magazines for ages 3+, 23% off

Activate your Subscription by 15th June 2018

Suitable for 6-10 years

Best Bits

Featuring the latest trends, jam-packed with branded stationery, accessories, and cool, funny, content that is fresh and ever changing depending on what girls are collecting that month.

  • If your child loves Num Nums, Care Bears, Hatchlings and all things cute and collectable, then this is the perfect mag!
  • Filled with fun stuff, friends, cuties, and giggles.
  • Crammed with freebies PLUS loads of prizes
  • Everything cute and everything collectable!
Price Info
  • £19 for Sweet Magazine - 5 issue Subscription, 13% off
  • £28 for Sweet Magazine - 8 issue Subscription, 20% off
  • £44 for Sweet Magazine - 13 issue Subscription, 23% off. 
Need to Know
  • Activate your Subscription by 15th June 2018
  • Expected delivery is 4 – 6 weeks from redemption.
  • You may choose subscription start date when redeeming your order; max delivery time is 6 weeks. The delivery times provided are approximate and do not guarantee a delivery date unless otherwise stated.
  • 1 issue delivered every 4 weeks.
  • Offer is available for UK delivery only.
  • No refunds available after redemption
  • Sold by DC Thomson & Co Ltd
How to Redeem
  • You will need to redeem a unique redemption code at www.magazinegiftsubscription.co.uk
  • You must redeem your magazine subscription by 15th June 2018
  • Instructions will be on your e-Receipt which you will receive via email once you have purchased. 
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