57% Off 3 Month Membership At Beanies Café’s Award – Winning Play Floors Designed To Nuture Creativity And Inspire Imagination In Little Minds!

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The Best Bits

  • 2 soft play areas with a wide range of toy-box treats to inspire youngsters.
  • Play floors designed to inspire imagination, nurture creativity, and encourage little minds.
  • Child-friendly café.
  • Afternoon tea for mothers and babies.
  • Extensive eating options for all ages available at the café.
  • Visitors can shop for beautiful new items at the ground floor retail store.
  • New items available at the BuzzBee Kids Beach Huts shops.
  • Award winning family-friendly company.

Things You Should Know

  • 57% off 3 month play floor membership at £15 (regularly at £35) which gives you unlimted access to Beanies Cafe. 
  • Food and drinks are not included.
  • For ages 6 months to 5 years old.
  • Membership is per child.  
  • Usually £2.50 (6-12 months), £5 (1-4 years) per entrance.
  • Children under 6 months or over 4 years (from 5th birthday) go free.
  • Membership is valid for 3 months after redemption.
  • Must redeem voucher before July 1st, 2013.

Tell me more

Give your child a different kind of play opportunity that inspires imagination, nurtures creativity, and encourages little minds to learn through play.

Beanies is an award-winning parent’s paradise with a play floor that inspires youngsters with a wide range of toy-box treats. Bringing together a child-friendly café with extensive eating options for all ages, Beanies Cafe also offers a full timetable of workshops and classes such as football, ballet, toddler yoga, music and singing, and films with afternoon tea for mothers and babies. 

Visitors can also shop for beautiful new items from the ground floor retail range and nearly new items from our BuzzBee Kids Beach Huts shops.


Beanies Café has been commended for its outstanding eatery and play floors and has received the following awards:

·         ‘Best Child-friendly Eatery in South London’ by Mamas and Papas – May 2012.

·         Commended in the ‘Commitment to Community’ category, Croydon Business Awards – May 2012.

·         Nominated in three categories, Croydon Business Awards – May 2012.

See all of their awards here.